Dog Fleas


How to get rid of fleasDogs flea are the tiny parasites who survive on dog and cat blood, and sometimes humans too in rare occasions. They have specific mouthparts which they use for piercing the skin and sucking the blood. They are tiny in size which makes their identification a little difficult.

Dog fleas can be found in the fur of the cat and dog and they have a laterally flattened body with hair on it which exists in the fur very convenient. They can be identified by using a white piece of clothing as they are attracted to the color. You can place a white sock near your pet and then after a while, you might find some dog fleas attached to it.


Dog fleas cannot fly as they do not have wings but they have a pair of long hindmost legs which helps them in moving easily through the fur of the host. They are 1-2 mm in length and are usually in a dark reddish-brown color. Their round head helps in their distinction from the cat fleas.


Just like most of the insects, the life of a dog flea begins as an embryo, which later transforms into larva then it enters the stage of pupa and then it finally emerges as an imago (adult). The whole transformation from an embryo to an adult takes 2 to 3 weeks though it depends largely on the temperature. The female flea can lay up to 4000 eggs in the fur of the host.


Scratching– This is the most easily recognized sign of a dog flea infestation. When fleas are present in the fur of your pets then their bites can cause severe itching which is why your pet may be found scratching more than the usual amount.

Dog flea bites– You should inspect your pet’s body to identify any red itchy bump as it can be a dog flea bite and you can be sure about the dog flea infestation.

Dog flea dirt– Dog fleas leave their feces or sometimes even their dead bodies can seem to you like tiny particles of dirt.


As dog fleas only feed on cats and dogs, rarely humans. Their medium to get inside your house can either be a cat or dog or a human. If your pets do not have fleas but they come across other pets who carry it then they can easily catch it. In extreme situations when a dog flea is unable to find the desired host, it can choose a human host. They cling to the warm clothing to make their way, and then when these fleas enter your house they hop on to your pets after finding their suitable hosts.


To get rid of dog fleas it is very important to make sure that the entire environment is free from such pests. This can be assured with the help of proper vacuuming and regular cleaning of your pet’s carpet and the house. You can also use various products that help in removing fleas from your pet’s body. If all these steps are not useful then you should hire pest control.


Following are some fascinating facts about ants which make them interesting creatures to study:

  • Dog fleas can survive a long time without feeding.
  • Female dog fleas need to feed before they can produce eggs.
  • The average lifespan of a dog flea is 2 to 3 months.
  • A dog flea can jump for 30,000 times without a pause.
  • Resilin helps fleas in jumping exceptionally well.

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