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Cat flea

Cat flea

Cat fleas are the most commonly found species of fleas. These fleas usually feed on cats and dogs. They are probably the hardest to get rid of because once they find a suitable host, they stick to it throughout their life. Cat fleas can be identified by noticing the behavior of your pets and also by directly spotting them on the skin of your pet. The latter scenario happens very rarely as these pests are very tiny and can hide well inside the fur of their host.


They are tiny wingless creatures which are usually reddish brown in color. The adult cat fleas are 1-2 mm in size. When a female flea produces eggs, its abdomen swells up and looks cream and dark brown in color. They are often confused with dog fleas but they can easily be distinguished on the basis of their elongated head.


Cats and dogs are the most suitable hosts for cat fleas but in certain situations when these hosts are not available, they feed on other animals. Their lifespan includes four stages i.e. egg, larva, pupa, and adult. A cat fleas journey of becoming an adult from an egg can happen in 2 weeks. In an unfavorable environment, this time can also be extended up to a year.


Scratching and biting- A cat flea infestation can be detected through the behavior of your pet. If your pet is scratching or biting its skin then it indicates that their body has been invaded by such pests.

Hair loss– A cat flea infestation can lead to extreme hair loss of your pet.

Cat flea bites– You can inspect the body of your pet to look for flea bites. A red bumpy spot would indicate a flea bite.

Restlessness– If your pet is becoming restless and agitated more than usual then it indicates a cat flea infestation.


Cat fleas can enter your house through many sources. These fleas can live in your yard and wait for your pet to walk by so they can hop on them and feed. Even if your pet doesn’t often go outside then these tiny pests can hitch a ride on your clothing. When cat fleas are unable to find a suitable host, they feed on humans as well. They can also enter your house by an unwanted contact between you or your pet and a pet or human who has fleas.


The most effective method to get rid of cat fleas is by cleaning the whole environment. It is important to make sure that none of the areas either inside or outside the house are left because these pests can also live in your yard and keep entering your house no matter how much you clean it. You can also use a flea comb to find them and kill them. Another way could be the use of flea spray to get rid of them. If the infestation persists even after executing all these steps then it is best to contact a local pest control firm.


  • Cat fleas have existed on this planet from the era of dinosaurs. Though they were a lot bigger in size as their hosts were probably dinosaurs.
  • They are known to be faster than the space shuttle by almost 50 times.
  • They are blind but they can sense the changes in light.
  • A female flea can lay up to 2000 eggs throughout her life.
  • They are the best jumpers among insects.

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