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Pest Control in King County

Whether you have a small pest problem on your hands or a large pest infestation no job is too small or too big for King County Pest Control. We service the entire King County area in Washington state.




Residential Pest Control Services in King County, WA

Nobody likes pests roaming around their house. However, sometimes what happens if you don’t think the problem is too serious or you try to treat the problem yourself. But a small pest problem today can turn into an infestation tomorrow if not treated quickly.

Don’t take any chances, contact a professional pest control service immediately when you start to notice more and more pests in your home.

Our qualified technicians use only the safest methods to solve your pest problems. They will not harm you, your family or the environment.

Our technicians will also monitor your area after the job is complete to keep pest out of your home for good.

a rat scurrying on the basement


Commercial Pest Control Services in King County, WA

We also provide our services to all sorts of commercial businesses, not just residential. A pest problem in your home is an isolated issue. But a pest problem in your place of business can affect you, your co-workers, your clients, and potentially ruin your business altogether.

Our professional pest control experts use only the safest methods. The kinds of chemicals where pests are not killed, but instead they just leave the place once a chemical is applied.

These chemicals are eco-friendly and do not harm humans in any way. Our professionals are well trained and know how to use these chemicals with proper care. 

Pests are common nowadays, but and there is nothing to be afraid of. Just make sure that you contact a pest control service whenever you see a pest roaming around nearby.  

Why Choose Us

Customer satisfaction is our priority and we believe in providing 100% satisfaction to our clients. We can easily handle all kinds of situations with our trained professionals.

We have provided many residential and commercial services with good quality products so that our environment remains healthy and free from dangerous chemicals.

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