Washington Pest Control

Situated in the Pacific Northwest part of the United States, Washington state is where the natural world, thanks to its alluring giant conifers, lush green mosses, beaches, and national parks. The presence of mega-companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon are highly felt here than anywhere else in the United States. Therefore, you can’t be wrong if you say that it is a job hub. When it comes to agriculture, well, Washington doesn’t disappoint.

It is the leading producer of rubber, apples, pears, red raspberries, as well as sweet cherries, among other farm products. It is indeed a heaven on earth. Nevertheless, despite all these nice stuff,  pests have been a thorn in the side of the residents of the state.

Washington Pest control is Essential

It is paramount to have your Washington home or commercial area and public spaces guarded against pest infestations to avoid the aforementioned pest related issues. In the unfortunate cases where a pest infestation has already occurred, the problem ought to be sorted out soonest possible, preferably by a professional pest exterminator.

Which pests are prevalent in Washington?

Washington enjoys an oceanic climate on its western region and semi-arid climate on the east of the Cascade Range. The climates favor the survival and multiplication of various pests which have been a major concern to the affected people. The top five most common pests in Washington consist of:

It is not uncommon to find these pests outdoors, perhaps in the woods and other inhabited places since that’s where they ought to be naturally. A problem comes in when they get their way to your indoor space because they can really cause you pain, agony, and losses. As house mice and Norway rats are linked to the transmission of diseases like hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis and tularemia to humans, German cockroaches can contribute to the spread of serious illnesses such as polio and dysentery.

An encounter with a hobo spider sends chills down the spines of many people as it can bite a person if it perceives him or her as a threat.  Although hobo spider bite is poisonous, the venom is not too serious to cause death but it causes pain. When it comes to bed bugs, they are a serious nuisance because their bites can be itchy and inflammatory.

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