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Pest Control in El Paso County

El Paso County Pest Control has been providing quality pest services both in houses and offices.  Our experts will be responsible for permanently removing the bugs from your property.

Pests can be much more than just annoyance; they can be a cause of health issues. They can contaminate your food and cause diseases.

A little mouse can contaminate ten times more food than its diet. While there are many home remedies to kill pests but the only way to get rid of them permanently is to hire a professional pest control.




Residential Pest Control Services in El Paso County, TX


Pests can be more harmful than they seem to be.  They can cause health problems and damage to your property.

Even if the infestation is not severe, some bugs can be aggressive, and it is not safe to handle them on your own. And if proper measures are not used, pests are likely to return.

broken hollowed tree caused by carpenter ants

Carpenter Ant Damage

For permanent pest removal, professional pest exterminators are required. We know about pests, and our team is experts at dealing with all the bugs which can infest your home.

Some common pests that we deal with include antsbed bugs, cockroaches, and rats, to name a few. We plan the treatment after a thorough inspection of your house.

So if you have pets or children, we make sure that we don’t spray any pesticides that can cause any allergies. While removing the pests, we take care of you and your family.

Commercial Pest Control Services in El Paso County, TX

an apartment building


Pests can cause not only health issues but also business issues for you. Some regulatory agencies have the right to fine you solely due to a pest infestation, and this can have a big impact on the image of your business.

El Paso County Pest Control provides services for all business industries: education, hospitality, food services, retail, multifamily, etc.

We promise to protect your business property from pest infestation through effective pest control treatments and regular checks. We inspect your property properly and remove all the bugs and also remove the chances of their getting back.

Why choose El Paso County Pest Control

El Paso County Pest Control uses scientific control treatments. Our experts are educated and trained in the field of pest control and can handle all kinds of infestations efficiently.

We take great care for nature and the environment around the El Paso County area in TexasWe do not use any products that cause any pollution or degrade the environment.

Our pest exterminators take care of you and your family. We let you schedule the appointment and plan control treatments that will work the best for your house.

For this, our pest exterminators determine the vulnerable or infested areas of your house and work on them. We do not spray chemicals unnecessarily all over your home. We target the pests and the entryways.

If the pests return to your property, we never hesitate to serve you again. And we don’t charge any extra costs for this.

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