Texas Pest Control

Texas Pest Control

Texas is among the largest states in the United States. In fact, it ranks second among all states in terms of size as well as population. Featuring deserts, pine forest plus the Rio Grande, Texas is a cool place to live. The state is nestled at the intersection of various climatic zones, hence an experience of highly variable weather conditions. The Gulf Coast of the state has mild winters, North Texas has cold winters, but not as cold as those of The Panhandle.  Generally, Texas has an array of precipitation patterns.

Be on the lookout!

Due to the climatic conditions mentioned above, the state is susceptible to various pest infestations, with house mice, silverfish, centipede, German cockroach,  subterranean termites being the top five most common pests.

How and why do they enter your building?

The mice, cockroaches, centipedes, silverfish, and termites are often found outside buildings. However, when outdoor conditions are not favorable (possibly due to food scarcity, extremely hot or cold weather or presence of predators), these pests tend to escape to human homes and other man-made buildings.

Some of these pests, like house mice, and cockroaches, can enter your home through a drainage system while others like house mice and spiders can take advantage of exterior wall voids, open doors/windows and spaces around doors and windows to gain access to your indoor space.

House mice and cockroaches and centipedes can also come to your indoors through open doors, spaces between doorframes and doors as well as foundation wall crack or gaps. Silverfish can enter your home through the building’s foundation wall cracks or gaps, along with the exterior of plumbing pipes, or from brought-in boxes or other stuff.

The way forward

If you don’t want to see these pests in your Texas home or commercial building, then you need to put proper control measures. A reputable pest control expert comes in handy for comprehensive and safe pest control services with long lasting results.

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