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Pest Control in Providence County

Providence County Pest Control is a highly qualified and reputable pest control service company in the Providence County area. In the state of Rhode Island, the capital is Providence, which also happens to be the most densely populated city in the area.

Not only does it have a massive population of humans, but also that of various pests. From ants, termites, mosquitoes to all sorts of wildlife animals.

They remain a nuisance to the inhabitants of Providence county. Not only do they cause irreparable damage to property, but also spread several lethal diseases.

However, you don’t have to worry anymore because Providence County Pest Control is here to help you out! We offer the best services and programs to rid your homes and properties of a diverse list of pests.

Our technicians are highly trained and well equipped. And we provide customer friendly services to best suit your needs.


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Residential Pest Control Services in Providence County, RI

Various pests, such as ants and ticks are becoming a growing problem for homeowners in Providence. Providence County Pest Control offers you the best programs to keep them a considerable distance away from you and your family.

Our professionals are well equipped to serve you with the best pest solutions on the market. Through rigorous training and experience, they are capable of deterring all kind of pests for good.

Ticks are common parasites in Providence that are usually spread by wildlife animals in the area. These ticks may cause various illnesses, some as serious as Lyme disease.

It is better to be safe and have your homes inspected for ticks today than suffer when they can no longer be controlled. We’ll check your homes thoroughly to pinpoint sites where they could breed or hide.

And then we’ll provide solid eradication and control strategies to keep them out for the long term. To make your homes tick free, contact us today!

a mosquito on a human's skin

Yellow fever mosquito (Aedes Aegypti)

We also provide treatments for the removal of mosquitoes from your homes. Everyone knows how much of nuisance mosquitoes can be.

It’s not just their itchy bites that keep us up at night, but also their ability to transmit dangerous viruses.

We have customized plans that are tailor-made to keep these insects away.

At Providence County Pest Control we have also developed good strategies to control wildlife problems in your area. We’ll trap the animals, which cause damage to your house structure and gardens and release them in their natural habitat.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Providence County, RI

We also provide commercial pest control services to rid your business of a wide range of pests that pose a threat to the stellar image of your brand.

an apartment building

Apartment building

If you’re building a new property, it is strongly advised to have it inspected for pests before commencing.

We will not only inspect your lands for you but also work alongside your builders to ensure there are no pest infestations to obstruct their work.

Why Choose Providence County Pest Control

  • Environment-friendly pest control programs
  • Services of the best quality and budget-friendly
  • Keep areas under continuous monitoring to avoid re-infestation
  • Provide pest preventive measures and tips
  • Services tailored to meet your needs
  • Best educated and well-trained staff to handle your pest problems

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