Rhode Island Pest Control

Rhode Island has climatic conditions which support the survival and multiplication of a wide range of pests. While some of the pests are notorious for destroying building structures and other possessions, other pests are linked to the spread of illnesses. Others can bite humans if provoked and their bites are extremely painful and some even fatal.

Climates effect on pests in Rhode Island

The survival and multiplication of pests are influenced by the prevailing climatic conditions. When it is too cold or hot outside, pests tend to escape to buildings where conditions such as temperature, moisture, and food availability are more favorable.

With proper pest control, the residents of Rhode Island will be less worried about possible diseases and damages associated with the above and other pests. Therefore, strive to see that your Rhode Island home or commercial area is protected from these destructive animals.

Top five pests in Rhode Island

1. Norway Rat

Norway rats also referred to as street rats, sewer rats or Hanover rats,  are the most rampant rat species in Rhode Island. They tend to nest in basements, debris piles or uninterrupted materials. They can enter your home through a quarter’s hole the size.

2. House Mice

Covered with short, brown or gray fur, house mice can wreak havoc in your home as they teeth that are so powerful that they can gnaw your valuable items such as clothes, books, cereals and electrical cables, among others.

3. German Cockroach

German cockroaches are small as compared to other cockroach species, each being approximately 1.1 cm to 1.6 cm long. It can be tan to near black. Although cockroaches don’t bite people, they can transmit diseases to people while their cast-off skin can make some people develop allergic reactions.

4. Wolf Spider

You are likely to bump on these spiders in windowsills and at the back of furniture in your home if proper measures to prevent them are not put in place. A wolf spider can bite you if it feels threatened.

5. Subterranean Termite

Subterranean termites are very small almost like ants. They are not easy to detect in early periods of their infestations and you’ll possibly notice them when they have already done a terrible mess on your property.

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