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Pest Control in Tulsa County

For complete peace of mind from pest infestations turn to Tulsa County Pest Control for all of your pest control services. Our treatment plans are designed to prevent pests from accessing residential homes and commercial businesses.

Over the past decade, more and more people have come to realize that pest control is a better option than extermination. Once pests intrude your home, it becomes increasingly hard to control their growing populations.

Timely intervention is always better than delayed action. So, to prevent you from the lurking danger of disease-transmitting pests contact Tulsa County Pest Control today!




Residential Pest Control Services in Tulsa County, OK

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Our residential service program comes with a promise of complete protection against more than 30 types of household pests. This includes rats, mice, ants, bed bugs, and so many more.

We visit your home and track pest activity to devise and implement an effective plan for your residence. We also offer free consultations to our customers to help them understand the severity of their pest problem.

Our residential pest control service has the following perks:

  • Scheduled inspections
  • Detailed reports of our findings on pest activity
  • Suggestions for a pest-free future for your home
  • Outdoor and indoor preventative services for your home

Our licensed technicians have expert knowledge of the habitats, behaviors, food sources, survival tactics and many other aspects of pests.

They undergo a screening process where their skills are honed and tested. We know that the community needs professionals who are vigilant, determined and right for the job. Therefore, we make sure that we only hire the best.

So, the well-being of your loved ones depends on our selection.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Tulsa County, OK

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Tulsa County Pest Control is the answer to all your commercial pest problems.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most revered and acclaimed pest control services in the Tulsa County area in Oklahoma.

We realize how severely a pest infestation can hurt the reputation of your hard-earned business. Therefore, we employ time-tested treatments and our comprehensive pest control methodology.

This includes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which involves eco-friendly methods of pest control. All to protect your business from the ever-present dangers of pest invasions.

We believe in taking preventative pest control measures that are not only effective but also safe. Many companies resort to using high levels of toxic pesticides to deter pests, but not at Tulsa County Pest Control!

Your family’s safety is our primary concern. That is why we use alternative practices that are not only more effective but safer.

We have helped banks, warehouses, multinational corporations, restaurants, and other businesses evade pest infestations for good.

Our professionals are friendly and responsive. They go the extra mile to exceed the expectations of clients. Their dedication to pest-control, extensive knowledge and longstanding experience has made them a client favorite.

Why Choose Tulsa County Pest Control

  • Swift 24/7 Customer Support
  • Green Approach to pest control that reduces the use of pesticides
  • Certified Pest Control Officers
  • 100% pest control guarantee
  • Free consultation services
  • Full coverage of pests’ ― more than 25 different types of pests

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