Oklahoma Pest Control

If you live in Oklahoma, you’ll agree with us that pests are among the major concerns affecting the state. A huge amount of losses and an array of diseases resulting from different pest infestations have been reported.

Climates Effect On Pests

Pests infestations in human dwelling places and workplaces are influenced by various climatic conditions.  While some insects will die as a result of harsh climatic conditions such as extremely cold temperatures, others will look for places with conditions that favor their biological processes and in such cases, human dwellings happen to be an ideal escape place for the pests.

Importance of pest control in Oklahoma

Pest control is important in paramount in Oklahoma as it helps in the reduction of the health and damage risks associated with pest infestation. For the best solutions to various pest problems, seek help from a reputable professional pest control company Oklahoma.

Five most common Oklahoma pests

  1. House mice

House mice gnaw through items such as wires, grains, books, papers, clothes, among others, rendering them worthless or almost valueless.

  1. Silverfish

Silverfish are scary tiny pests that resemble fish and are found in damp and hidden places. They can invade your home if there are favorable conditions for their survival. They damage cellulose-containing items such as wallpaper, books as well as dry goods and cereals.

  1. Centipede

Home centipedes send chills down the spines of many people due to their scary look and also for the fact that they can be if stepped on.

  1. German Cockroach

An infestation by German cockroaches in your home can lead to various health risks as these pests are scavengers and good at contaminating your food with disease-causing pathogens. Besides, their excrement and shed exoskeletons can trigger asthma in some people.

  1. Subterranean Termite

Subterranean termites are a serious threat to any homeowner since their impacts on buildings and other structures, especially the wooden ones, are dire.

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