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Bugs and pests are usually irritating, but sometimes they can be hazardous too. Invasions like those of dark ants, roaches, rodents, etc. in your kitchen are unsafe for your food material and can transmit various disease-causing germs through food. Whereas bites by noxious bugs like venomous spiders, bees, flies, mosquitoes, etc. are painful and can be life-threatening too.

Jefferson County Pest Control fully understands the significance of your house and business, and with our expert pest control services, we ensure that your valuables are safe from these vermin.


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Residential Pest Control Services in Jefferson County

A house is the most valuable asset for any individual. Having an insect infestation in your house is both irritating and hazardous. The damage pests like termites can do to your home will demand expensive repairs.

It’s essential to instantly contact expert pest control service providers the moment you notice pests. There is no better choice than the Exterminator Near Me choice for pest control in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

You might have tried DIY measures to eliminate pests from your house, like setting out traps, splashing bug spray, or sprinkling powder. These aren’t permanent solutions to get rid of them.

Our Jefferson County pest control company provides fool-proof residential pest control services. These don’t only wipe out bugs from your house, but also prevent their swarming in future.

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Most of the times, while dealing with pests like flies, cockroachesbees, ants, rats, mice or spiders we prefer pest-traps and baits to get rid of them.

But in the case of defiant pests like termites or roaches sometimes our team makes use of organic chemical sprays and dust to wipe them out. The treatment plan depends upon the classification of pest and the severity of the infestation.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Jefferson County

Our Jefferson County pest control company is well aware that for a business to thrive, reputation and appearance are extremely important. The presence of insects, birds, and rodents tarnish the image of your brand. We offer comprehensive commercial pest control services to protect your workplace from these pesky pests.

Our administration workforce is proficient and educated about the latest pests-related problems and is well-versed in the control methods. We offer successful and quick pest control arrangements.

Customer satisfaction and safety is our priority. That’s why we use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach in our pest extermination program.

After a thorough investigation of your business place and the extent of the pest problem you are encountering, we carry out a plan that meets the needs of your company.

Our team of professionals provides top-quality, environment-friendly solutions for all sorts of pests on your premises. We rarely use pesticides or chemicals to eliminate pests, but when indispensable, we make sure that the chemicals we use are state-approved and organic.

We have exclusive pest control programs for different commercial facilities like, retail, supermarkets, food processing units, restaurants, healthcare facilities, etc. which are entirely in line with the demands of these businesses.

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Our exterminator in Jefferson County guarantees 100% solution for all your pest problems. Our wide range of pest control programs, like one-time fumigation, monthly, quarterly or annual program is designed for the convenience of our customers. Contact us and pick the program according to your comfort and budget.

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