11 Types of Commercial Properties That Require Pest Control

Pests can attack anytime, anywhere, making commercial pest control a necessity for a business owner. A lot of factors go into predicting whether or not pests will invade a building, but almost every other building you see will have an infestation at some time. The most common pests are termites, bed bugs, ants, rats, cockroaches, bees, wasps, worms, and spiders.

It is important to always keep an eye out for pest infestations –just because a place is clean doesn’t mean it can’t get invaded by pests. Houses are not the only buildings that can get attacked by pests – hostels, restaurants, schools, stores, and hospitals at also at risk. Pests come wherever there are humans, so it is necessary to always be on the lookout. For business setups and larger areas, it is always best to use a commercial pest control service.

Commercial Pest Control

For commercial properties, pest control is important. Your setup’s reputation will get ruined if the public sees pest infestations within the building. Pests can hinder everyday activities, and can also result in health regulatory fines! Having pests around is a big health risk – they can cause a variety of diseases, from skin infections to stomach problems. In order to maintain a clean, efficient and healthy environment for your commercial property, it is necessary to invest in top-quality pest control.


Commercial Pest Control, ParksParks are a place to relax and enjoy – this won’t be possible if there are creepy crawlies all over the place. If there is playground equipment around the park, they can also be vulnerable to attack by pests such as termites. Pests can also eat up the plants that give the park its beautiful appearance.

Food and Beverage Processing Facilities

As a consumer, how would you feel if you knew your nice bottle of juice came from a facility swarmed by pests? For factories and facilities processing food products, maintaining hygiene is the topmost priority. After all, their products are consumed by millions of people. Even a very clean and hygienic facility is not protected from the risk of pests. Even one pest can be dangerous. Rats, termites, worms, wasps, spiders….the list of pests that can infest the facility goes on. In a situation like this, a pest control service is required to eliminate the pests that can put you out of business.


It is fairly obvious that a restaurant, where food for the public is made and handled, needs to be completely pest-free at all times. Only in a movie will a rat be accepted as a part of a restaurant’s kitchen! In real life, it is dangerous to have any kind of pest on the restaurant premises. The pests can hide in the kitchen cabinets, contaminate the food items and ingredients, damage the pipes and electrical wires and can leave droppings and stains behind. The garbage bins can also attract a lot of pests, which can they sneak in into the restaurant itself. When serving the public, one should always maintain the highest standards possible of hygiene. Commercial pest control will make sure your restaurant is pest-free and will use treatments that will not chemically contaminate the environment inside.

Retirement Homes

Retirement homes are meant to be a safe haven for aged people – a place where they can relax and rest. A pest infestation in such a place can be dangerous to its inhabitants. Aged people have less immunity – they will be at a higher risk of contracting diseases from the pests. Pests like bed bugs can impact their quality of life, and can greatly reduce their comfort levels. Bed bugs are the most likely to attack such places (where people rest and reside), and so thorough treatment is needed to make sure that these pests are eliminated and are prevented from coming back.  

Apartment Buildings

A building full of rooms, people, food, and cabinets – seems like a perfect place for pests to hide! Pests can inhabit almost every area of an apartment building – the basement, the flats, the walls, the kitchens, the bedrooms, the garages… the list goes on. In a building full of people, having pests can be a great reduction in their quality of life. To treat such large-scale infestations, a high standard pest control service is needed.


Schools are always at a risk from pest infestations, especially if they are not regularly checked and maintained. Parents would not want to send their kids to your school if they knew that the desks were full of bed bugs, if the pantries were full of rats and if the bathrooms were frequented by rats. Since thousands of people inhabit a school every day, it is important to make sure that there are no pests that can hinder activities and cause health issues. Careful techniques of pest control are needed because chemical treatments can cause adverse allergic reactions in some people.


Like in residential buildings, pests will also try to sneak into dorms to look for food and cozy places to hide. Beds are especially vulnerable to the notorious pests – the bed bugs. Since dormitories are often crowded and cluttered, pests can find easy hiding and breeding spots. Commercial pest control can find out the source of every single pest infestation and eliminate it.

Business Offices

An air-conditioned office is at risk from pest infestation just like any other building. Pests can crawl in through the basement, through cracks in the windows and even through someone’s bag! They can damage the office furniture, contaminate the food in the kitchen and chew up the wirings. They can destroy valuable documents and items, kept away in seemingly safe drawers or lockers. Having pests can also impact the quality of work done by the employees, as they will always be uncomfortable, worried and stressed out.

Retail Stores

A retail store is one that is always visited by the public – if it has pests hiding amongst the products being sold, they will be taken home by unsuspecting and unaware customers. Pests can chew through the packaged stuff, putting your customers and the future of your store at risk! The shelves in the aisles can often be breeding grounds for small pests, especially if they are not cleaned frequently enough.

Hotels and Motels

Hotels and motels are meant to offer people a comfortable and clean place to stay. Nobody wants to visit a hotel that has bed bugs in the room and rats in the kitchen. Pests can spread diseases and infection and will cause stress and disturbed sleep. Since many people frequent hotels and motels, chances are they might themselves bring in pests through their luggage. For such big buildings, it is important to use commercial pest control in order to ensure effective elimination of any pest infestations.


Hospitals are where people go to battle out life and death situations – you can’t have pests there that will only add to it! An area specifically meant for the health of people cannot afford to have even the smallest of pest infestations. Not only will your hospital be shut down, it will also obtain itself a huge fine (if not a legal case!) and a bad reputation that will last for a long time. For hospital large-scale pest extermination methods are needed, and for this, it is best to use the services of a commercial pest control company.

Commercial pest control is of huge importance for business owners. You don’t want to see everything you’ve worked for be shut down simply because you couldn’t keep the bugs away. Choosing a reputable exterminator is one of the biggest priorities for the success and long-lasting of your company. Don’t think you are saving money by not using professional commercial pest control. It is the best money you can spend on your business.