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Pest Control in Duval County

Our Duval County Pest Control has a vast network of clientele, including manufacturing businesses, restaurants, pubs, local councils, schools, hotels and residential areas.

We offer effective and comprehensive pest control solutions. Routine inspections and preventative controls are all part of our Integrated Pest Management approach (IPM).

Integrated Pest Management has revolutionized pest control services in Duval County. We employ this approach to monitor the activity of pests in real time, complete a thorough risk assessment, improve hygiene and meet the exacting needs of safety auditors.

This integrated approach creates an open line of communication between our customers and us, leading to a profound understanding of the pest problem at hand and devising and implementing effective strategies to treat it.

This is a step-by-step breakdown of the time-tested IPM approach that has made our services stand apart from the herd.

  • A comprehensive understanding of the magnitude and nature of your pest risk
  • Recommending targeted pest control solutions
  • Devising and implementing a solid strategic plan
  • Reporting and monitoring pest activity around the clock
  • Assessment




Residential Pest Control Services in Duval County, FL

An exterminator is doing the basement inspectionPrivate homes and housing associations need to be protected from the outbreak of disease. Our services are tailor-made to monitor and manage pests in your place of residence.

Our team of certified professionals is experienced and adept at dealing with a wide-range of infestations.

Every client has specific needs, and Dual County Pest Control possesses the manpower and expertise to meet these exact needs.

  • Our due-diligence process involves understanding and developing solutions to meet the specific needs of residential clients.
  • We earn your trust through sheer commitment and develop a long-term relationship.
  • Our team values your feedback and works diligently to improve our services.
  • We pay great heed to certifications, training of employees, and promoting awareness.

Our vigilance to detail and integrated approach to pest management has made us one of the most effective and customer-specific services in the market.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Duval County

We provide pest control treatments and solutions to a variety of commercial businesses. We will closely work with you to ensure the safety of your business and eliminate the factors that elevate the risk of pest contamination.

Whether you are a local business or a corporate tycoon, our pest management strategy is tailored to meet the pest management requirements of your business.

fruit fly

Fruit Fly

Termites, rats, flies, and a diverse range of pets can cause severe damage to your business’s reputation if allowed.

We have a simple but effective strategy that has done wonders for our clients from various commercial sectors― inspect, devise a comprehensive strategy and control.

We’re willing to do the same for you if you let us take responsibility for the safety of your business.

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Why choose us? That’s a no-brainer. Our rigorous attention and extensive knowledge of pest environments make us the ideal choice to eliminate your pest problem.

We believe that every client has needs that can only be met through integrated pest management techniques. Get in touch with our pest control company in Duval County and let us thoroughly solve your pest problem.

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