Florida Pest Control

Florida hears stories of infestation from each and every house. Most of these are severe and need the attention of professionals. A professional exterminator is a person licensed to treat infested homes. He may use a variety of techniques that cause the least trouble to you and your family while wiping out the infestation. The process generally involves several inspections before detecting which species infested the homes. This is then followed by solutions like fumigation, etc.

If you see regular bites on yourself or on any family member, it is best to get your house checked and get them removed before they can cause any further. Hurry up and contact a professional exterminator.

Eliminating Pest Infestations

Rats and mice are rodents that are always only looking for two things: shelter and food. There’s plenty of food and shelter in Florida to support a rat which is the reason why they infest your homes. A growth in the infestation is usually seen when there is a scarcity of food outside. Also, fire ants are again attracted to the state only to forage for food and kill other insects for the same.

Termites in Florida

Pests are stubborn creatures that infest homes and Florida in the United States of America is not unknown to them. Three species of termites are extremely common in this state, the subterranean termite, the Formosan termite and the Drywood termite. Along with them, you can also spot many rats and fire ants. These pests cause a lot of damage to houses and the infestation needs to be taken care of. Let us see what makes Florida a suitable place to exist for them.

Subterranean termites look for moist wood in Florida to infest. They are common to Florida due to the humid weather that exists in spring. While the Formosan termite species prefer swarming during the summers even though the process starts during the spring.

Unlike the subterranean species, this species of termites do not require moist wood to infest. This is one of the reasons they are much more common in houses as they can easily infest perfectly fine wooden furniture as well. They arrive during evenings in summer.

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