Asian Tiger Mosquito

The Asian Tiger Mosquito

There are around 3000 mosquito species that exist in this world. Among them, the Asian Tiger mosquito is one of the most dangerous kinds. It is known for transmitting lethal diseases like Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, and encephalitis through its bites. It’s better to be aware of this mosquito species to take the appropriate measures to get rid of it.



Asian tiger mosquito

Asian tiger mosquito

Asian tiger mosquitoes are medium-sized mosquitoes with an average size ranging from 2.0 mm to 10.0 mm. Their females are 20% larger than their male counterparts. The distinguishing feature of Asian tiger mosquitoes is their black shiny body with distinct white stripes on the back and white scales on the black legs.


It is one of the most aggressive and dangerous types of mosquitoes in the world. Like most of the mosquito species, only females of Asian tiger mosquitoes bite humans as they need blood to produce eggs. These mosquitoes are most active in the daytime and bite their victims during daylight hours. Whereas male mosquitoes don’t feed on blood, therefore they don’t bite humans.


Asian Tiger mosquitoes pose serious health risks because of their ability to carry disease-causing germs. This mosquito is known to transmit from dengue to Chikungunya fever to the Zika virus. So, it’s better to look out for the signs of these mosquitoes to avoid serious trouble.

Like all mosquito bites, the initial symptoms of Asian tiger mosquito bites include mild irritation, itching, and red swollen spots. If these symptoms persist and do not subside within a day, you may experience other health issues. If you have symptoms like nausea, severe allergy, low blood pressure, fever, pain in joints, difficulty in breathing or vomiting then it’s best to visit a doctor, for there’s a good chance an Asian tiger mosquito bit you.

Moreover, if there is an outbreak of Asian tiger mosquitoes in your surroundings or even in nearby cities, you should remain extra cautious about the mosquito bite symptoms. This is essential to avoid critical health issues.


Asian tiger mosquitoes can invade your place if there is just a small amount of standing water inside. The female Asian tiger needs water for breeding and if there is stagnant water in any form, in flower pots, in your fridge trays, outside Air conditioner, in your backyard, in tree holes, in swimming pools or even in clogged drains, these will be ideal habitats for these mosquitoes to thrive.

Female Asian tiger mosquito will lay eggs in any place with a small quantity of water, regardless of its container, location or size.


Eliminate moisture:

Eliminating moisture and removing all sorts of stagnant water from your premises is the most effective and crucial way to get rid of this harmful mosquito. Look out for breeding spots of Asian tiger mosquitoes in and around your house and get rid of them in order to destroy their eggs lying there.


By draining standing water, you eliminate their breeding spots, but adult Asian tiger mosquitoes might be flying around in your house. To kill them, use strong insecticides and it’s better to take help of expert exterminators for the fumigation purpose.


Use strong mosquito repellents which contain at least 20% DEET whether you are going out or at home. Don’t forget to put on full-sleeves shirts and long pants to avoid painful bites of Asian tiger mosquitoes.

Asian Tiger Mosquito Facts

  • Its black and white striped body is behind its name Asian Tiger.
  • This mosquito invaded several countries through goods transport and human traveling.
  • On its own, it cannot travel more than ½ mile from its breeding place.
  • Asian tiger mosquitoes can’t survive in winter.
  • Global warming increases its growth rate.
  • Asian tiger mosquitoes are carrier of up to 30 dangerous viruses.

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