Virginia Pest Control

Bordering Atlantic Coast on one side and the Appalachian Mountains on the other, Virginia boasts a very extensive Atlantic coastline.  If you want many iconic historic landmarks in the United States, then you cannot go wrong by visiting Virginia.

Nevertheless, let’s face it; every place has its bunch of challenges and in Virginia, pest problems happen to top the list of major issues affecting the state. The presence of pests in Virginia is mostly influenced by the climate of the area which is humid subtropical. The climate becomes warmer and more humid as you move towards the southern or eastern areas of the state.

Top five pests in Virginia

Some of the most common pests that you are likely to bump on inside houses and other indoor spaces in Virginia comprise:

Risks associated with the pests in Virginia

Subterranean termites live at or close to ground level. Nevertheless, they sporadically occur above the first-floor level to get wood materials to feed on. The materials could be your furniture, wood pieces laying on the ground or even wooden structures.

House mice come to your home to get food, escape predators or avoid unfavorable outdoor weather conditions. When in homes, the mice pose risks ranging from destruction of items to spread of illnesses. German cockroaches are also carriers of diseases like dysentery and typhoid.

Red ants near or in areas with human interaction are a serious nuisance as they can easily sting people when stepped on. Common house spiders should also be anywhere near people since they can bite. Bites by some house spiders such as black widow and hobo can have severe side effects on you.

Keep the pests out of your Virginia homes!

It is evident that all the five pests that we’ve mentioned here are your enemy and so they should be controlled so that they don’t deprive you your peace of mind during your stay at Virginia. If you can’t manage them by yourself, kindly seek help from a licensed pest control expert.

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