Utah Pest Control

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Located at the western part of the United States, Utah prides in an expansive desert as well as the Wasatch Range Mountains. The state features a dry climate ranging from semi-arid to desert climatic conditions. This is because the state is located in the Sierra Nevada’s rain shadow. This type of weather makes the state of Utah a great home for pests

Pest Control for Food Manufacturing

In cities like Wasatch Front, Utah food manufacturing is a big industry. If you’re in this kind of work, you know pest control is a top priority in order for your business to survive. The smallest pest problem can result in the closing of your business for good.

That’s why we’ve gathered the best exterminator for food manufacturing in Utah. They know the standards you need in order to pass inspections, and they make sure you will. With our exterminators on your side, you can focus on more important things to run your business knowing that pests won’t interrupt.

Top five pests in Utah

People who live in Utah experience a myriad of pest issues due to the dry climatic conditions which support the survival and reproduction of various pests. The most common pests in the state consist of:

Risks associated with the pests

Norway rats in human dwelling places can spread diseases like rat-bite fever or leptospirosis to people if left unchecked. They can also cause serious damages to items like wire cables, wooden items, paper products and any other item that they can gnaw.

House mice also pose a health hazard to humans as their droppings in homes can make people contract hantavirus. Besides, similarly to Norway rats, the mice can also cause chew valuable items, leading them unusable.

German cockroaches in food places such as kitchens, hotels, restaurants, and food manufacturing plants can lead to food contamination with disease-causing pathogens. People who eat the contaminated food have high risks of getting serious diseases like typhoid fever and dysentery.

Hobo spiders should not be allowed to live near human settlements as they can bite and their bites are painful and poisonous although they are not fatal. When it comes to bedbugs, they are very annoying as their bites on your body can be very itchy, hence causing red welts.

Solution to Utah pest issues

If you don’t want the above-mentioned pests among others, then you should make sure that your place has proper measures against them. Since prevention is better than cure and so, it is important to prevent these irritating animals from coming to your place instead of acting when they have already wreaked havoc. Contact a reputable and licensed pest control professional for the best solution to any pest issue.

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