South Carolina Pest Control

Boasting a 187-mile coastline, alluring lush gardens, vast plantations as well as iconic historic sites, South Carolina is indeed an epitome of beauty. Besides, the state has a commendable economic growth. When it comes to climate, South Carolina enjoys humid subtropical climate with the high altitude areas in the Upstate having fewer subtropical characteristics as compared to the Atlantic coast region. Summers in this state are hot and humid as precipitation remains a common weather condition throughout the year. The climatic conditions are not only favorable for human survival but also conducive to various pests.

Why Pest Control in South Carolina is Important

Have come across any of the aforementioned pest or any other bug or unwanted animal in your South Carolina indoor space? If you answer is yes, you need to find ways in which you can get rid of them without affecting the environment, people, and important animals. If you haven’t experienced any pest issue despite the absence of proper preventive measures, just count yourself lucky but know that it is just a matter of time before you have an experience with the nuisance. Therefore, it is advisable that you put proper measures to prevent various pest problems. The ideal solution to any pest issue is the use of professional pest control services.

Top five pests in South Carolina

There are tens of pest types in South Carolina but the most common ones consist of:

Why the pests are a serious concern

With the majority of species swarming during summer and winter especially on warm days after a rainfall, subterranean termites are a threat to the integrity of your building. The adults feast on wooden structures silently and when you come to discover them, they’ll most likely have caused much damage to your structure.

House mice and German cockroaches are disease carrier, with the presence of the former in your home putting you and your loved ones at risk of getting salmonella, hantavirus or even rat bite fever, among other pandemics. On the other hand, a German cockroach infestation can lead to ailments such as dysentery and cholera.

While red ants are notorious at stinging when one steps on them, common house spiders are not your buddies too as they can easily bite you if you step on them or if they feel threatened.  Fortunately, a bite by a common house spider is usually harmless or can just cause a slight irritation.

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