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When you need the most efficient pest control services, rely on the experts at Allegheny County Pest Control for all of your pest needs. No matter how large or small of a problem you may have in Allegheny County we will help you wipe out that problem once and for all.


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Residential Pest Control Services in Allegheny County, PA

One of the very first places that we notice pests are in our homes. We live, sleep, and eat here and everything in between. It only makes sense that we would be concerned with an infestation.

Well, that is not always the case. It’s very often that one will have infestations for weeks, or even months and be completely unaware of it. The key here is to keep an eye out at all times, and if that is not possible then allocate times every week to do so.

A bed bug on a mattress

A bed bug on a mattress

The best option here is to get a professional pest control company like Allegheny County Pest Control to come and do the work if you are busy or do not have proper pest knowledge.

In the home, the basement, attic, bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms are the main places that have pests hiding in them. 

The main reason is that we do not visit these places as often as the other ones, and some are also very dark which lets these pests stay away from our sights very easily.

Especially termites and bed bugs. Despite not being able to see them, they are just some of the most destructive pests that can invade your home.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Allegheny County, PA

After spending a lot of time in our homes, we often forget about our workplaces.  But a lot of times, pest control services can be more important in the workplace than your homes.

people meeting in an office

Office room

At your workplace, customers can be scared away if they happen to come across pests or bugs. It will have materials and goods which will be destroyed if one has pests.

For places like factories where one will usually have a lot of raw materials, the situation is even worse as mass pests can make one face huge losses in business.

Not to mention they are a complete nuisance and can eat away at your important documents and papers. All these reasons and more make it extremely important to get pest control services from experts for your workplace, whatever it may be.

Why Choose Allegheny County Pest Control

Pests are an annoyance no matter where they are. If it is at your home, your sleep says goodbye, and at work business bids you adieu.

To avoid all these tensions and more, contact a trusted professional like Allegheny County Pest Control who will be able to break down your pest control for you with our years of experience.

Trained professionals and experience is what makes us one of the best in the state of Pennsylvania.

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