Oregon Pest Control

In the midst of a beautiful landscape of woodlands, mountains, beaches as well as farms, Oregon has been constantly facing a wide range of pest issues. From work homes and farms to commercial areas, pests have deprived people peace of their minds.

Climate’s effect on pests in Oregon

Certain climatic elements such as warm temperatures make some pests such as cockroaches to come out from their hibernating grounds to find food and reproduce. That’s why you see a sudden emergence of various pests during the start of summer.  During winter, some pests will come to your house due to harsh climatic conditions outside because it is normally warmer indoors as compared to outdoors.

The control of pests is essential in Oregon to protect people from illnesses and bites resulting from the destructive animals. Besides, pest control reduces the number of property damages caused by pests.

Top five Pests in Oregon

  1. Norway Rat

Norway rats are among the most common rats in the United States. With bodies covered by shaggy hair, the presence of these rats in your home does not only put your family at risk of contracting various diseases but they can cause serious damage on your properties.

  1. House mice

House mice consume and despoil your foodstuffs besides carrying and diseases and parasites that are infectious to people. The most serious human disease caused by house mice is bubonic plague.

  1. German Cockroach

A German cockroach is small, normally about 1.1 cm to 1.6 cm long.. German cockroaches are very prevalent in urban areas of Oregon. They are linked to various bacteria-related illnesses that affect people, for instance, typhoid fever, diarrhea, and giardia.

  1. Hobo Spider

Common in Common in the northwestern of the United States, hobo spiders are light to medium brown. A hobo spider can be found at any place holes, cracks or crevices where it can form a tunnel.

  1. Bed Bugs

If you live in Oregon and have been waking up to itching, red welts or swellings on your skin, then you could be having bedbugs in your home. bed bugs hide des in beds and they wait for people to sleep so that they can suck blood from them.

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