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Pest Control in Franklin County

Exterminator Near Me is the number one referral for pest control in Franklin County, Ohio. Franklin County pest control services rely on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) protocols. 

We use these to serve clients with the safest and most effective pest control solutions. We believe that pest control shouldn’t come at the cost of your family’s safety. That is why we strictly avoid the use of harmful chemical products and obsolete methods.




Residential Pest Control Services in Franklin County

Termites in a trap

Termites in a trap

IPM is an environmentally conscious and systematic approach that documents the trends and behaviors of pests to make a plan of action.

Not only is this approach economical, but it also uses the least amount of pesticides, exposing your loved ones to the least possible danger. 

It involves identifying vulnerabilities in your gardens, garages and rooftops and application of common-sense techniques, such as screening, to safeguard them from pests effectively.  

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of our acclaimed IPM service.  

  • Assessing the Need of Pest Control Action: Before devising and implementing pest control measures, IPM identifies their need. A random sighting of a single colony of pests doesn’t necessitate pest control action. To save your precious time and money, we only act when pest control is an absolute necessity.
  • Monitoring of Pests in Real Time: Not every single species of pests needs to be controlled. Many pests are harmless and are a blessing in disguise. That is why before proceeding to the next step, we characterize pests accurately and take appropriate action when needed.
  • Implementing Pest Control Methods: Finally, we use pest control methods, such as decluttering, excursion and screening, to prevent future pest invasions. These control methods are cost-effective and produce the desired results.
  • Contingency plan: If preventative measures fail to yield the desired results (which rarely happens), we then evaluate their effectiveness. First, we fall-back to low-risk methods of pest control, such as the application of pest-specific chemicals. If all else fails, we employ targeted strong pesticides and other stern measures, as a last resort.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Franklin County

people talking in a restaurant


Our IPM technique has also proven to be quite effective in commercial sectors, such as warehouses, schools, restaurants, pubs, and even Multinational Corporations. Its need is greatly felt in commercial avenues because the health of a large number of employees and customers is at stake.

Using pesticides in such a setting can cause more harm than good. That is why we have customized IPM plans for our clientele in the commercial sector. Businesses have greatly benefited from our comprehensive and long-terms IPM strategy tailor-made to keep all kinds of pests at bay.

Our team of expert pest control officers also gives you the free consultation to equip you with the knowledge to make your business pest free. We facilitate our customers in every manner possible, providing them with formidable professional experience.  

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  • Environmentally conscious “green” strategy to control pest infestations.

For pest control in Franklin County, Ohio, you can always trust Exterminator Near Me to connect you to the best company.

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