North Carolina Pest Control

When you think of North Carolina, you think of trees swinging in the breeze, sandy beaches, and moderate weather. You probably don’t think of all the insects and other pests that also enjoy this mild climate. If you notice signs of infestation from any of these pests, be sure to address them immediately before they can really take hold.

North Carolina Climates Effect on Pests

North Carolina’s amenable climate and landscape attract just as many household pests as it does tourists. Don’t put yourself or your home at risk by playing around with DIY pest control methods and applications. Instead, contact a licensed pest professional to get rid of any pest. They know the techniques and strategies that are most effective for eliminating a pest problem and will work with you to develop an innovative, integrated solution.

Top 5 Pests in North Carolina

Subterranean Termite

While some termites have the decency to die off in the winter, the subterranean termite lives underground and avoids exposure to the elements. Unfortunately, this can mean havoc on your home’s structural integrity during all months of the year, especially in a milder climate like that experienced in North Carolina.

House Mice

House mice flock to areas of moisture and food sources, making your home an unfortunate haven for them. Signs of mouse infestation might include damaged food packaging, droppings, or even a musty smell.

German Cockroach

German cockroaches will feed on everything, from leftover food to cardboard boxes–even toothpaste! These hitchhiking pests are attracted to areas of poor sanitation and can cause all kinds of health problems, including the spread of disease and even asthma attacks.

Red Ant

Also known as fire ants, red ants can inflict painful bites and stings. These ants nest near structural foundations or in landscaping and can also invade a building through air conditioning units. Don’t mess around with their nests if you find them–contact a professional to remove them to avoid being stung.

Common House Spider

These arachnids are the most common ones to be found indoors and create messy webs. While they aren’t poisonous to humans, they can be an unwanted and creepy addition to your home.

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