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Pest Control in Rockland County

If you live in Rockland County, you are likely familiar with the many benefits of living in this area, such as close proximity to New York City combined with laidback suburban vibes. However, you’re also probably familiar with the many pests that can infest your home and business.

Don’t put up with them any longer! Contact our Rockland County Pest Control service to get rid of any and all pests. We cover all of Rockland County in New York for their pest control needs.


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Residential Pest Control Services in Rockland County

If you have pest problems in your home, we know how uncomfortable that can be. There are several common household pests in Rockland County, and knowing the differences and how to prevent them is key in eliminating all infestations for good.

ants swarming on the ground

Ant Infestation

Infestations of ants are common in Rockland County, especially as the weather warms. Common examples of home-invading ants include Little Black Ants and Carpenter Ants. While these ants are more of an annoyance than anything else, some species can contaminate your food with a variety of harmful diseases. Furthermore, some, like Carpenter Ants, can even cause costly structural damage.

Speaking of structural damage, termites can be even more devastating to your home. These pests work silently and are often only obvious once they’ve completely destroyed a home’s wooden foundation and other structures. Consider regular inspections and preventative actions to help reduce the likelihood of an expensive termite infestation.

If you have children, stinging pest infestations can also be dangerous. While it can be tough to differentiate between the nests of different flying insects, such as hornets vs wasps, it is important to be savvy, as some stinging insects are actually beneficial.

However, in most cases, hiring a pest control professional is the best course of action, as they can not only tell the difference between the different types of stinging pests, they can also safely and effectively remove the nests.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Rockland County

If you own a restaurant, apartment complex, or similar business, pest control is important to maintaining a safe, healthy, and consistent customer base. Nobody wants to eat their dinner surrounded by cockroaches! Pests can be extremely damaging to your success as a business owner.

a black rat on a white backgroundRodent infestations are common in restaurants and apartment buildings and can spread serious illnesses like salmonella. You might notice signs like droppings or chewed food packaging, and if you see a rodent moving around the building, then you definitely have an infestation.

Similarly, cockroaches are also unpleasant to look at and can cause serious devastation. Cockroaches can spread disease and also induce asthma or allergic attacks in people who are vulnerable.

Your Trusted Exterminator in Rockland County, NY

We know all about pest control in Rockland County and are skilled at exterminating all of the species that are common in this area. We know exactly where these pests live, and why, as well as how to best get rid of them. Our exterminators use the safest and most environmentally friendly techniques, for you, your family, and your budget.

We have decades of training in the most productive techniques and will handle any kind of infestation with expediency and courtesy. Contact us today for an estimate, and don’t let pests ruin another beautiful day in Rockland County.

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