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Pest Control in NYC

If you live in New York City, you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by hundreds of things to do, see, explore, and enjoy. Unfortunately, pest infestations can put a damper on all that fun.

Knowing the types of pests that are likely to invade your home or business is the first line of defense in making sure you are protected against any of these possible invaders.

Residential Pest Control Services in NYC

If you have pest problems at your home, you might become embarrassed and unwilling to have guests over. Pests are unsightly and can cause diseases, as well as give your home an unclean appearance. Don’t suffer in silence!

ants swarming on the ground

Ant Infestation

One common pest in homes, especially during the summer months, are ants. Common types of ants include Pavement Ants, Little Black Ants, and Odorous House Ants. While each ant infestation and species is unique, take comfort in knowing that most infestations aren’t anything more than an annoyance and present no health risks.

However, at a large scale, an ant infestation can spell disaster, as these pests can get into food packaging and contaminate food. Some types can even cause structural damage.

Speaking of structural damage, termites are another pest to watch out for. These bugs work by tunneling through wooden structures, excavating as they make their nests.

While they often work in silence and are rarely actually seen by homeowners, they can cause millions of dollars in damage as they hollow out wooden foundations and other crucial structures. Investing in regular termite inspections can help prevent these pests, as well as to identify an infestation early on.

Other types of pests you might find inside your home include spiders, bees, wasps, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, centipedes, and rodents. Educate yourself on the various types of pest infestation, as well as signs they have invaded, so that you can be prepared no matter what.

Commercial Pest Control Services in NYC

a retail store

Retail Store

If you’re a business owner, no matter if that’s of a restaurant, apartment complex, or other business, you know how important it is to keep things clean and sanitary.

A pest infestation can make your business anything but that. Pest infestations can cause you to lose business, fail health inspections, and in extreme cases, be shut down entirely.

Pests will come to your place of business looking for easy access to water and food. Therefore, pests tend to congregate in places like open drains, near dumpsters, and in kitchens.

Keeping all food service areas clean and sanitized helps keep pests away, as does fixing any leaky pipes or other water fixtures. Make sure you engage in daily cleaning routines so that you not only prevent these pests but notice when evidence of infestation, such as droppings, are left behind.

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Don’t waste time experimenting with DIY pest control solutions or contacting cut-rate pest control professionals who don’t have the experience we do. We know all about pest control in NYC and can get rid of any kind of pest.

We will work with you to establish a solution that takes into consideration your budget and safety and will do so with friendliness and compassion. Don’t delay – contact us today for a free estimate and get back to enjoying New York City life.

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