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If you live in Brooklyn, you likely know the importance of effective and expedient pest removal. With all you have going on, why waste your time worrying about a pest problem? Instead, place your trust in expert pest control professionals who will eliminate the problem for you.


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Residential Pest Control Services in Brooklyn

If you have pest problems at your home, you may think that the problem is that your home is dirty or falling apart. Quite the contrary! Many people have pest problems, and not just those with unclean houses. Pests are attracted to your home for a wide variety of reasons.

mosquito is feeding a human's bloodMany pests come indoors seeking refuge from less than desirable outdoor conditions. They may seek open sources of food and water. If you have any leaking fixtures, such as pipes or even gutters, these can attract pests. Standing pools of water outdoors, such as in bird baths or even puddles, can even serve as breeding grounds for harmful species like mosquitoes.

Indoors, leaving out food or even just crumbs on the counter can attract a whole host of pests, including cockroaches, ants, rodents, and flies. Keeping food service areas, as well as bathrooms (which tend to also offer a source of water) neat and tidy can help keep pests at bay.

termite infestation

Termite Infestation

Unfortunately, some pests will target your house no matter how clean you are. Carpenter ants and termites, for example, tunnel through wood and can destroy a structure in a matter of years.

These pests aren’t attracted to food that you’ve left out or subject to any other factor you have control over. They can only be detected by careful surveillance and eliminated with the help of a pest control professional.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Brooklyn

If you are a business owner in Brooklyn, you likely already know the importance of keeping your business clean and free of pests. After all, you have to pass regular health inspections.

Unfortunately, a pest infestation of any size or type can make your business seem unclean and, therefore, unattractive. If you notice any signs of infestation, you must take swift action to eliminate it before you lose all potential business.

Pests are attracted to businesses because these businesses receive a lot of human traffic. As a result, they feature plenty of food and water for these pests. In a restaurant setting, pests are most common in food preparation areas. Keeping these areas clean and following a regular sanitation schedule can help prevent the presence of pests.

In apartment buildings, pest control can be more challenging due to all of the people crowded into one space. A pest that starts out in one unit can quickly spread to the surrounding unit if action is not taken to control it immediately.

Educating your tenants on proper sanitation and trash disposal methods can be helpful in preventing pests, but no matter how hard you try, a pest infestation still might occur. When it does, call our Brooklyn pest control service to get it back to normal.

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If you’re stressed over a new or long-existing pest infestation, don’t suffer any longer. Contact us for a free estimate. We know all about pest control in Brooklyn and will work with you to develop a personally tailored budget and schedule-friendly solution to all of your pest infestation problems.

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