Nebraska Pest Control

The hot summers and frigid winters of Nebraska may present a welcome variety to residents, but can also be dangerous in terms of pest control. You might see a vast variety of creatures that use your home as an overwinter haven, coming inside for a break from the wide open plains. If you notice signs of infestation from any of these types of pests, be sure to enact a plan to rid yourself of them immediately.

Climates Effect on Pests in Nebraska

While you might not notice these pests during certain seasons, the rapidly changing climate of Nebraska will surely bring you into close contact with one of them at some point in our life. If you notice an infestation, be sure to contact an experienced, licensed pest control professional immediately. DIY methods often aren’t effective at eliminating pests in the long-term, so why waste your time and money? You need help from the pros, who will work with you to evaluate and treat your individual infestation.

Top Pest Control Services Sought in Nebraska:

House Mice

One of the most common types of household rodents, house mice can often be prevented by sealing up all possible entry points of your home and removing all clutter and debris. However, they can invade easily, as they are prolific breeders. Signs of infestation include droppings and gnaw marks.

Subterranean Termite

These termites build tunnels underground, protecting themselves from the harsh Nebraska air. They can cause billions of dollars in damage, making them a serious threat to homeowners. Have your home inspected regularly to ensure that you have not been infested.


Centipedes don’t actually have a hundred legs, but they are a nuisance nonetheless. They are often found in wet areas, such as basements. They bite, so if you notice a centipede infestation you should work to get rid of it immediately.

American Cockroach

These are some of the largest house-infesting roaches. You might notice the actual insects or their droppings or even notice a musty smell. Cockroaches can induce allergies in some, and also transmit diseases.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants require a water source, so you might notice them in damp areas or in homes surrounded by vegetation. They can damage the wood or structural foundation of your home, so make sure you get rid of them as soon as possible.

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