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Home to the birthplace of blues music and artistic personalities, Mississippi experiences prolonged hot and humid summers accompanied with shorter durations of winter months. With a humid subtropical climate and dense forestation, Mississippi receives heavy precipitation levels spanning from the north through the south with the regions closer to the Gulf of Mexico being the most humid of all. And any mention of humidity rings the bell for pests!

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Now that you know the most common types of pests prevalent in this state, it is evidently advisable to bring in the professionals and clear your house of these mischiefs. Exterminators and pest control agencies are the most effective solution for removing these pests from your house.

Pests in Mississippi :

As Mississippi encounters intense precipitation levels, thus creating the ideal atmosphere for pests like subterranean termites who love to dwell in moist underground spaces and places which receive sufficient water accumulation. In fact, the growing incidence of subterranean termites, as well as Formosan termites, have been keeping the pest control agencies in and around Mississippi quite busy!

South Mississippi is greatly impacted by the growing numbers of house mice and you will find them scurrying across your house floor during the temporary months of cold spells who come in to seek shelter. Moreover, the damp, moisture-laden temperature facilitates their habitation in this state.  Now let’s move on to our next subject: the German Cockroaches! Highly adaptable as they are, German cockroaches are the most commonly known pests all over the planet and subtropical climates of soggy weathers fit perfectly to their cause!

When we are talking about pests, how can we ignore to mention the disturbance created by fire ants! Fire ants adore living in forested regions and dense rainforest which are bound to receive a good amount of rainfall. Mississippi fits right to their specifications and checks all the boxes on their list. House spiders are also widely seen across the state of Mississippi and as the name clearly suggests, they seek shelter in homes of states which experience a good degree of moist and warm weathers which in turn aids their breeding process.

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