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Our Prince George’s County pest control is your best choice for an exterminator in Prince George’s County, Maryland. With our team of dedicated professionals who undergo thorough training, we can help you with all your pest related problems.

We deal with all kinds of pests, and your safety is our utmost priority. Our eco-friendly products cause no harm to your house and health. When you decide to put your trust in us, we make it our responsibility to prove we’re the best service and not leaving any chance for you to complain. We provide our services in both residential and commercial areas.




Residential Pest Control Services in Prince George’s County

The basic reason why pests invade your house is almost similar to the survival needs of humans, food and shelter. Their motive is to find a place where they can live and food sources are available. This is why different kinds of pests have different hiding spots as it is closer to the food they require.

A bed bug on a mattress

Bed bug on a mattress

Like bed bugs survive on human blood which is why they are found near beds or sofas where people spend most of their time.

Our experts are highly knowledgeable about the structure and behavior of these pests which helps in removing them completely.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Prince George’s County

Different types of pests have a different type of food needs and hence they choose different places to live. Commercial establishments attract pests because they fulfill these needs of pests in abundance. For example, rodents are attracted by garbage, unattended food, and so on.

a rat on the white background


A restaurant makes the best place for them to invade as a large quantity of leftover food is found in the garbage cans. Sometimes these pests find a source of food despite you being really careful with your tasks.

That’s where we come in and get rid of these pests for you so you can have a nice and clean environment to work peacefully.

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Our Prince George’s County pest control service speaks for itself. We use the best and eco-friendly products for all types of work. We are aware of the harmful effects of the chemical products which is why we have updated ourselves for the betterment of your health.

Our exterminators perform each process with care to avoid any harm to your belongings. We make sure that the task is done effectively. To check that your premises are still free from pests we also perform inspection annually.

If anyone at your house including your pests has a medical condition, then we take special note of it and perform our job accordingly. If you hire us, you do not have to worry about anything. All that we need from you is your trust and cooperation and we will give you a pest-free house in no time.

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