Maine Pest Control

Maine Pest Control

Known for its rocky coastline and glorious maritime history, the state of Maine in the United States of America enjoys a humid continental climate with warm (although not hot) and comfortable summers with snowy winters becoming severe especially in the northern regions of the state. Cool breezes from the Atlantic Ocean during the summers keep the hotness at bay and give the chills during the winters and with such a varying climate, comes the problem of pests!

Local Exterminators in Maine

Pest control isn’t an easy task and it’s definitely not easy removing these insects from your home without some help. That is why it’s imperative to contact a local exterminator in your vicinity and bring some outside assistance to stop them invading your house anymore!

Common Pests in Maine:

Norway rats also called the brown rat or the house rat, are typically larger in size than an average rat and prefer to dwell in a place which has human habitation. The humid continental climate of the state of Maine with its damp and moist summers creates the perfect setting to increase their population in here.

Since we are on the subject of rodents, how can we forget to mention our very famous and equally annoying house mice! The not-so-hot summers of Maine make just the ideal spot for these little evils to thrive in the houses of residents and tear away their peace at home.

Cockroaches and the fear of diseases that they bring with themselves are not uncommon anywhere. So how can Maine be devoid of that? In fact, Maine is troubled with the growing populations of German cockroaches, a kind of its species which has fantastic adaptability powers and can even survive the harsh, cold winters in the northern parts of Maine.

Creepy as they look, hobo spiders are a common sight in the southern regions, especially the Maine service area, which experiences comparatively less cold winters than the northern areas since they associate with comfortable climates.

Bed bugs are a nuisance that is prevalent almost everywhere on this planet and accompanied with humid temperatures here at Maine serves a delight for these irritating little creatures to rejoice in this weather!

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