Louisiana Pest Control

Louisiana Pest Control

Your local exterminator will deal with the pest infestation in a way that will ensure complete elimination of the infestation. It is necessary to have knowledge of the pest and the area in order to execute successful pest control. When attacked by pests in Louisiana, it is always advisable to reach out to a professional exterminator.

Getting Pests Out of Louisiana

The uplands and the alluvial coast define the state of Louisiana. Its humid subtropical climate supports a range of flora and fauna, and unfortunately, several pests! The warm climate of Louisiana makes the survival of pests like termites and roaches easier. The following pests are frequently spotted in households and buildings across Louisiana:

About The Louisiana Pests

House mice and German cockroaches are well-known carriers of various diseases. Both of these pests prefer humid and dark environments and can cause a lot of damage to your house. They are often found in the drainage systems as well. Both can bite humans if threatened. Both mice and roaches breed fast, and so one must always be on the lookout for these pesky creatures. Every other household in Louisiana would have dealt with a roach or mouse infestation!

Centipedes are common in houses that are close to a lot of trees and plants. These many-legged creatures prefer dark environments and can bite humans if aggravated, causing allergic reactions in some cases. The warm climate of Louisiana often pushes these creatures to seek shelter in buildings and other places.

Silverfish are one of the oldest insects in the world. They eat carbohydrates and sugar, which is why they will chew up your books, clothes, files, wallpaper, and other items. Although not dangerous, they can be a nuisance to have. Residents in Louisiana frequently see these tiny silver insects crawling around in the bathrooms and bookshelves at night.

Termites are a worldwide nuisance, and subterranean termites are especially one in the US. They quite literally can eat through your house. It is always better to deal with a termite infestation in its starting phases. You don’t want them to spread all over! Louisiana has regular cases of termite infestations, as the climate is highly favorable to them.

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