Iowa Pest Control

Iowa has a humid continental climate, with savannah, wetlands and dense forests scattered across the state. A state famous for its agricultural crops, Iowa is also known for its humid summers and harsh winters. The ‘Hawkeye State’ always needs to be on the lookout for certain pests that have adapted well to the climate and continue to bother residents throughout. The behavior and breeding pattern of most pests are linked to the climate, so always watch out for the weather and pests!

Professional Pest Control At Your Rescue

A professional pest control will provide you with pest treatment that no DIY method can match up to. Exterminators are highly expert in their field and can make sure that the pests do not return back to your house. Iowa has had a history with carpenter ants, roaches and the like, and a trained exterminator will know how to tackle this creepy crawlies in the right way.

When in Iowa, one can hear people complaining frequently about the following pests –

  • House Mice:

    They can burrow into the house from underground and can damage food stocks, clothes, pipes, wires, furniture and walls. They are also known to spread diseases and allergies.

  • Subterranean Termites:

    Termites feed on wood and can take over your entire house. They flourish well in extreme heat, and Iowa has always experienced the problem of termites. Before you know it, these soil diggers and wood eaters can reduce your belongings to dust.

  • Centipede:

    The common house centipede (yellow and black in colour) invades human spaces looking for smaller insects to eat. It prefers damp environments, and can bite if threatened. Centipedes are common in houses in Iowa that are close to dense vegetation.

  • American Cockroach:

    The reddish-brown roach is common across households in the US. This roach can feed on any matter, from decaying food to dead bodies of other insects. They are commonly seen in the sewer systems, and fly around to get to places. They can spread deadly diseases by contaminating food.

  • Carpenter Ants:

    These ants are similar to termites when it comes to damage caused. They build their nests in wood, and can destroy furniture, walls and floorboards. They especially target wet, mouldy wood.

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