Indiana Pest Control

The state of Indiana is the 38th largest city by the area covered and the 17th most populated amongst the fifty states of the United States of America. Indiana is characterized by cold and dry winters, along with wet, hot and humid summers in terms of its climate with a diversion of temperatures from the south and north sections of the state. Because of which, guess what, Indiana becomes an ideal home for a variety of common household pests!

Ants in Indiana

According to research reports, ants outnumber human beings with 10 quadrillion ants to only about 7 billion humans. Needless to say, carpenter ants and pharaoh ants are a common phenomenon in Indiana and occupy the maximum ground area of this state. And why not? With an immensely heavy and moisture-filled temperature, ants feel all the more comfortable in presiding in this region.

Other Pest Problems in Indiana

Nowhere in this world is there a city which does not have a population of cockroaches, the most common being the American cockroach. Although they despise cold and dry climates, Indiana’s summer temperatures allow these uninvited guests to form their own colonies. Drywood termites and subterranean termites are commonly noticed in the state of Indiana owing to the fluctuating precipitation levels in this state. Make sure to check for termite infestation, as once infected, they develop rapidly just like every other pest.

Slimy and grimy- looking centipedes thrive in regions which are extremely sultry and sweaty as it makes an easy spot for them to inhabit these places.  And of course, how can we forget our nasty-looking, evil and gruesome household commoners, mice! With the population in Indiana at an all-time rise, mice find it convenient to accommodate themselves in the jammed spaces of houses, scurrying away frequently at all times.

Pest infestations when gone beyond our control need the interference of experts. Pest removal services delve deep into the source of the problem and eradicate them all. So it’s always wise to call in the professionals because after all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the beautiful weather outside without having the worry of such nuisances inside!

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