Idaho Pest Control

The ‘Gem State’ of Idaho is famous for its gemstones, potatoes and dense forest areas. However, a state having a population of over 1.8 million, Idaho isn’t safe from the threats of different kinds of pests. With its varying climate, hot summers and moderate winters are common, allowing a range of pests to adapt and thrive successfully.

Local Idaho Exterminators

A professional exterminator will have the complete knowledge and skills required to handle a pest infestation in Idaho. Many factors need to be considered while dealing with pests, including their behavior, the landscape and the pest history of the place itself. A professional pest control service will give you the pest elimination treatment you require and deserve, in a hassle-free manner.

With more people come more pests, as the latter focus only on food, water, and shelter.

Some of the commonly seen pests in Idaho are:

  • Norway Rat:

    They are the most common rats in the US and can cause structural damage to your house. These omnivorous rats come out at night. Norway Rats can spread diseases by contaminating your food and leaving germ-packed droppings behind. These rats can adapt well to any climate, which is why they thrive in Idaho as well.

  • House Mice:

    The most common type of mice, house mice are small and brown in color. They can easily enter houses, and wreak havoc. They are known to carry diseases, and in some cases cause allergies as well. During winters in Idaho, residents increasingly experience an influx of house mice into their homes.

  • German Cockroaches:

    These roaches are dark brown in color and are common across the world. With extreme adaptive abilities and the power to withstand extreme conditions, this roach can enter your house in any weather.

  • Hobo Spider:

    These funnel-web buildings are hitchhikers and can simply enter your home by hiding in your bag. They prefer being around ground level and will be found in basements, garages, attics and behind furniture. In Idaho, the months of August and September see peak activity of this dark brown, 2-inch long spider.

  • Bed bugs:

    Bed bugs can survive in all climates. They are hard to eliminate and can breed more quickly than other pests. Bed bugs hide in beds, furniture, curtains, clothes, books, and couches. Their bite causes irritation, sleeping problems and in some cases, allergies. Residents of Idaho have always experienced bed bug problems, like most of the other US states.

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