Georgia Pest Control

Do you own a house in Georgia that is infested? Georgia is one of those states in the USA that tops the list of a maximum number of infested homes. The weather and climatic conditions of the state make it suitable for several insects and other pests. Many species of termites, mice, roaches, fire ants and spiders exist here and end up infesting properties. 

As Georgia is one of the most infested states in the USA, it is important for everyone suspecting an infestation to get their houses inspected by professional exterminators available locally. These professionals use high-end technology to detect the insect causing infestation and devise solutions using processes such as targeted removal.

If an insect bite appears to be annoying you all the time, it may be recommendable to get some help. Hurry up and give the local pest management a call.

What factors drive these pests to our Georgia homes.

A measure of the level of termite infestation is TIP zone and Georgia occupies the first place on the list. This means that there is a high level of probability of infestation caused by termites. They need soft wood which is easily available in Georgia. Rodents like mice are scavengers who are mostly on the lookout for a source of food. They also look for some shelter.

While the biggest attraction for a roach is food, they are known to survive for 3 months at the most without any food. During these periods, they go ahead and look for damn and moist places to hide in. Georgia has a lot of homes and many of them have leaky faucets and plumbing which provide a suitable resting place for roaches. Again, fire ants are attracted to moist locations in Georgia.

Since Georgia is mostly humid, spiders are often attracted to houses in this state. They also look for food for themselves.

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