Connecticut Pest Control

Connecticut Pest Control

People of Connecticut would have faced issues with pests for years now. Pests are sneaky and stubborn and can hide in your house for years without you noticing. The “Nutmeg State” is known for its moderate climate, but experiences quite a lot of snowfall during the winters. Pests that have adapted to the state’s unique climate continue to trouble people all year round!

People of Connecticut have been known to try DIY methods of pest removal, and they also know that these are very rarely fully effective. How do you target a pest infestation not knowing where it begins and where it ends?

A local pest control in Connecticut is what you need

You don’t have to take the load of directly battling with pests. Let the experts do it. With their knowledge of pests and Connecticut, local exterminators are the best way to get rid of the pesky creepy crawlies. They will work according to your convenience and will target the pest infestation (be it centipedes or roaches!) right from its root. They have devised special methods of dealing with pests that are specific in certain areas, and these methods are foolproof.

Pests Commonly Found in Connecticut:

Rats and mice: These pests are known to burrow through and through the foundations of buildings. During snowfall, these animals will throng to accommodate themselves sneakily into your house. They can eat up wires and pipes and can carry dangerous germs that they can spread by contaminating food.

Cockroaches: These flying insects are common in Connecticut, and two of its very common varieties are found across the state. These pests can cause diseases and allergies in humans and can reduce the overall hygiene of the house.

Termites: Termites are the most famous of all pests. Connecticut has areas where termite mounds reach up many feet up into the air! If termites enter your house, you can be sure that many belongings of yours will get destroyed. They thrive in warmer climates, which is why Connecticut sees an increase in termite infestations in the summer.

Centipedes: These many-legged creatures can bite people if provoked, and this can lead to allergies and rashes. They prefer damp environment and can be found after the rain showers.

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