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Pest Control in Sonoma County

If you live in Sonoma County, like anywhere else, you are at risk of pest infestation. Whether inside or out, you don’t deserve pests invading your life as much as the next guy. When you’re in need of pest control in Sonoma County, CA – you can rely on Exterminator Near Me to give you the best provider.




Residential Pest Control Services in Sonoma County, CA

If you have pest problems in your home, you may feel embarrassed and reluctant to seek outside help.

While pest infestations can be unavoidable in some cases, there’s a lot that you can do to prevent future infestations and to eliminate those that currently exist.

Most pests come inside seeking refuge from outdoor weather conditions, or in their search for easy access to food and water.

Try to prevent pest problems by keeping all potential entry points – such as the gaps around windows and doors – sealed, and to replace any damaged or leaking pipes or other fixtures.

Some pests will choose to enter your home no matter how diligent you have been.

Termites swarming on the ground

Termites Infestation

Termites, for example, will strike any structure, and it can take several years for you to realize you have an infestation of one of these pests at all.

Termites tunnel through wood and can seriously threaten the structural integrity of your home.

Wood that sounds hollow when tapped is a telltale sign of infestation.

Contact a pest control professional immediately if you suspect an infestation, as these pests work silently, but quickly.

Another common household pest species is the ant.

These pests come in many forms, with Little Black Ants, Pavement Ants, and Odorous Ants some of the most common species.

Most ants don’t carry disease, but they can contaminate your food supply with dirt and other bacteria in their quest for food.

Furthermore, some species of ants can sting, and it’s truly unpleasant to see these pests marching across your home in large numbers.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Sonoma County, CA

If you are a business owner, you are no doubt familiar with all the reasons why you should eliminate any potential pest infestation from your place of business.

A pest-free environment is crucial for passing most state health inspections.

Besides, pest infestations make your business seem downright dirty and unappealing, which can cost you business – and as a result, money – in the long run.

Rodents, for example, are some of the most common commercial pests.

They are opportunistic, striking whenever it seems there is a free source of food or water.

Rodents can spread disease such as salmonellosis and can be dealt with quickly via traps, poisons, and other specific interventions.

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If you’re concerned about a potential or existing pest infestation, contact a licensed pest control professional immediately to find out your options.

We will provide you with the most excellent services at Sonoma County Pest Control, and will work with you to develop solutions that are tailored towards your budget, needs, and lifestyle.

Don’t wait another single day to schedule your pest control services – give us a call, and stop letting pests control your life!

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