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Exterminator Near Me connects you to the best service provider in Orange County, CA. It’s important when you choose a pest control company to work with that you choose someone reliable. When you use Exterminator Near Me, you know you are in good hands.

With a little bit of know-how on how to identify, prevent, and get rid of pests, you can be rid of whatever ails you in no time. We cover all of Orange County, California for their pest control needs.




Residential Pest Control Services in Orange County, CA

If you have pest problems around your home, you may wonder if this is a problem you can ever entirely get rid of. Unfortunately, almost every home has some pest, and pest attraction isn’t always related to having a dirty or somehow unkempt home. 

Alates (termites with wings) formosa termites

Alates (termites with wings) Formosa termites

Pests will take up residence wherever they see fit, and many types of pests don’t care what kind of condition your home is in – they are still going to take advantage of it.

For example, termites work by burrowing into wooden structures. They can cause millions of dollars in structural damage, most of which goes unnoticed until it is too late to do anything. The telltale sign of termite infestation is wood that sounds hollow when you knock on it. 

By this point, the infestation has often progressed beyond the point of repair. Consider hiring a professional exterminator to conduct regular termite inspections to make sure they don’t become a problem in your home.

Carpenter ants are another kind of pest that burrow into wood. They are typically more visible than termites, as they tend to be larger, but can be just as damaging.

To prevent them from becoming an issue in or around your home, make sure all brush and woody debris is cleared from the sides of your house, and keep everything neatly trimmed.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Orange County

If you are a business owner, pests might not be at the top of your radar – but they should. Pests can cause you millions of dollars in lost business, as well as damaged property, insurance claims, and even failed health inspections.

The most common commercial pests are cockroaches and flies, although other kinds of pests – such as ants, rodents, and stinging insects – are also incredibly common. If you have a pest problem, don’t panic – there are many steps you can take to prevent the problem from becoming widespread.

In the case of a cockroach infestation, for example, keeping everything neat and tidy can help. If you notice a cockroach or other telltale signs of infestation, such as droppings or discarded exoskeletons, consider setting sticky traps. These will help catch small numbers of the pests, but in many cases, your business will need to be fumigated by a professional.

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