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Pest Control in Los Angeles County

If you live in Los Angeles County, your time should be spent cruising through Hollywood and enjoying the sunny weather this area has to offer. You shouldn’t be worrying about unwanted pests invading your space!

Instead of fretting over the latest pest to take up residence in your home or business, consider investing in residential or commercial Los Angeles county pest control services.




Residential Pest Control Services in Los Angeles County, CA

If you have pest problems in your home, you may think that your cleaning habits or the age of your home are to blame. While these can sometimes be factors in attracting pests, in most cases insects and rodents are simply unavoidable. Luckily, knowing the signs of infestation – as well as what tends to attract pests – can help to keep them at bay.

Most pests come inside to seek refuge from the harsh conditions outside. In Los Angeles, they may seek an open source of water or shelter from the grueling sun within your climate-controlled home. 

a rat scurrying on the basement


If you have any leaky pipes or areas of standing water on your property – such as old gutters, bird baths, or even large puddles – keep in mind that these can attract pests and keep them around for an extended period.

Some pests will come inside your home, regardless of how clean you are. For example, both termites and carpenter ants, two of the most common wood-boring pests, tunnel through wooden structures and can decimate a home within a matter of months or years. 

These pests can only be detected by careful surveillance, and are incredibly difficult to get rid of. In most cases, you will need the help of a certified pest control professional.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Los Angeles County, CA

Brown-Banded Cockroach on a leaf


If you are a business owner, you surely already know how important it is to keep your business clean and free of pests like cockroaches and rodents.

This step is crucial to attracting customers, as well as for passing necessary health inspections. Unfortunately, pests of any kind and infestations of any scale can make your business seem dirty and cause you to lose valuable business.

Businesses tend to receive a lot of traffic, and as a result, offer up plenty of free food and water to opportunistic pests. If you own a restaurant, pests will be prevalent in food preparation and storage areas. By following a regular cleaning and sanitation regimen, you can help prevent most types of pests, but not all.

If you own an apartment building or another type of commercial building, pests can be tough to control. This is especially true if you own a building that contains multiple rooms or units. Pests can move easily between units, so if one apartment, for example, attracts pests, they will soon spread to other areas.

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