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Pest Control in Kern County

Sick of constant pest infestations in your home or business? Pests aren’t just unappealing or unsightly – they can also be dangerous.

Insect and rodent invaders can cause a wide variety of diseases and contamination issues, and some can even damage your property.

If you have a new or existing pest infestation and are fed up with trying to deal with it on your own, you’re in luck. Exterminator Near Me supplies you with the most quality pest control company in Kern County, California. When you go through us, you know you’re in good hands. 




Residential Pest Control Services in Kern County, CA

If you have pest problems around your home, you have likely spent hundreds of dollars trying to control the problem – often to no effect.

There are many causes of pest infestation, and without knowing the likely source, you will waste a large amount of time trying to combat it.

Instead of experimenting with multiple solutions, try a few basic preventative steps.

For example, make sure your house is kept neat and tidy, both inside and out.

Pests love the easy access to moisture and food, so if you have crumbs or open food containers lying around, they will take advantage of the food buffet.

Wipe down surfaces regularly, and keep all food (including pet food!) covered.

Also, water can be a primary attractant to pests. While mosquitoes are notorious for their attraction to standing water – where they lay their eggs – did you know that there are pests that live inside your home that can also be drawn to your location by the promise of water?

Centipedes, for example, take up residence in people’s basements because they are cool, damp, and dark.

Consider running a dehumidifier and clearing the clutter in your basement to reduce the likelihood of a centipede invasion.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Kern County, CA

If you are a business owner, you know how frustrating a pest infestation can be.

Pests cause thousands of dollars in lost business, insurance claims, and even failed health inspections.

Instead of dealing with a pest infestation each time it rears its ugly head, consider investing in regular sanitation and pest inspection services on a regular basis.

This can help to ensure your pest problem never comes back again.

fruit fly

Fruit Fly

Flies are one of the most common pests to invade businesses, in particular, restaurants.

It is very easy for a fly to get inside as doors open and close, which can be as often as every few minutes in a busy establishment.

Once inside, flies will benefit from easy access to food (especially in a food services area) as well as dipping faucets, drains, and sinks.

Flies can spread disease, and some even bite, so it’s important to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

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