Alaska Pest Control

With its subarctic climate and short but surprisingly pleasant summers, Alaska is a must visit place for people around the world. But even this State isn’t free from the trouble of pests. Alaska’s cold climate has ensured that very specific species of pests thrive in the place. The largest state in the US has beautiful vegetation and tons of natural resources, and also pests that will sneak into houses and create a nuisance for people!

Contact professional Alaska pest control

While you may be aware of the different types of pests sneaking into your house, you will not have the equipment or expertise to effectively deal with them. Professional exterminators in Alaska will have complete knowledge of the pests and their habits and will be able to successfully eliminate them from any location whatsoever.

Contrary to common belief, there are pests that can brave snowfall and freezing temperatures. 

Here are the most common pests in Alaska:

  • Norway Rats:

    These 9 inches long, brown, thick-haired rats can burrow into homes and cause structural damage. They can enter houses by squeezing through holes that are the size of a quarter! These rats are carriers of diseases as well, and can also bring fleas into the house. The Norway Rat can withstand the cold climate of Alaska, and during the brutal winters looks for a warm place to hide (which is your house!)

  • House Mice:

    These 4 inch long grey-brown mice are found throughout the world, invading human living spaces. They can survive in all types of different climates, and can easily brave the environment found in Alaska. Mice enter homes looking for food and can chew up pipes, wood, plastic, electrical wires and other items. They can also transmit diseases to humans and contaminate food.

  • German Cockroaches:

    These 2cm long dark brown roaches are storehouses of filth. Their presence can lead to a foul smell, and they are known to contaminate food and spread illnesses. German cockroaches are a worldwide pest and are known to withstand extreme temperatures. These nocturnal insects can enter your house from even the tiniest of openings (but usually choose the drainage system).

  • Hobo Spiders:

    These aggressive house spiders like to build their webs close to human settlements. Found in basements, attics and behind furniture, these spiders spin funnel-shaped webs and can bite if threatened. They are common across Alaska and like damp hiding places.

  • Bed bugs:

    This universal pest is seen across houses in the state. These parasites are known to cause sleeping problems and skin allergies – you definitely don’t want them in your house! Bed bugs hide under mattresses, furniture, drapes, clothes and behind wallpapers.

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