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Scorpions are probably the most easily recognizable arthropod. They have a pair of grasping pedipalps, eight legs, the narrow structure, and the protruding curvy tail over the back. They vary in size from 9 mm to 23 cm. Their stings are venomous but they rarely possess a threat to humans. It has also been observed that in some cases a healthy adult may not need any kind of treatment after getting stung by a scorpion.


Among 1750 described species of scorpions, only 25 species are capable of producing venom that could kill a human. Thirteen types of families have been discovered as scorpions. They are nocturnal and are known to spend daytime finding shelter in cool places, then come out at night for hunting and feeding.


There are no particular signs to notice when a scorpion is in the house but they like living in the dark, shady, and humid places. If you live in a place like Arizona then there can be chances that scorpions are nearby.


There is not a particular reason why scorpions get inside the house but once they decide to invade an area it gets really difficult to get rid of them permanently. They keep returning because their whole family starts living in the area. Even if you manage to get rid of them from your house, they might just live in your neighbor’s house in the meantime.


Black Scorpion

Black Scorpion. By Per-Anders Olsson – Per-Anders Olsson (used with permission), CC BY-SA 3.0, 

Remove dampness: As we now know that scorpions like to find shelter in a dark, and humid place so you should make sure that none of the areas are left damp in your house, especially on the rugs or carpet and the corners. These are the places that can remain damp for a long time.

Get rid of other insects: Scorpions feed on other insects which means that if you have a problem with any type of insect then it can be a constant source of food for the scorpions. So you have to get rid of all the other insects to make sure that the scorpions won’t find a reason to stay in your house.

Scorpion hunting: If you’re too bent on getting rid of the scorpions in your house then you can do that with the help of the right tools. You need a black (ultraviolet) light and a tool that you can use to kill them.

As the scorpions come out to hunt and feed, you should go out and look for them with the black light and kill them. Scorpions have the ability to glow in the black light so you won’t have much issue in finding them, you just have to make sure that you’re looking in the right place.

Opt for yellow lighting: Yellow lights have been known to be less preferred by the scorpions, so you should place yellow lights in your house so the scorpions won’t be tempted to invade your house.

Plant lavenders: Planting lavenders in your house would be a great idea for two reasons- It smells good, and it acts like a scorpion repellent.

Life Cycle of Scorpions

Whereas most of the scorpions undergo the process of reproduction sexually, there are a few species that reproduce through a process where unfertilized eggs get developed into the embryos. This process continues throughout their lives for the purpose of reproduction.

Like humans and many other animals, scorpions give birth to an offspring, not an egg. They come out one by one to live. The offspring comes out and gets on its mother’s back for protection. In certain species, the mothers look after the offspring for a long time. The number of offspring that a scorpion can give birth to depends on the environment. Their numbers can vary from 2 to 100.

The offspring sheds its skin five to seven time before it becomes an adult. After becoming an adult, the new skin is very soft which makes it vulnerable. This is why it continuously keeps moving until the skin becomes hard. It would be hard for it to walk if the skin becomes hard when he stays stable.

Scorpion in Arkansas

Scorpion in Arkansas

After becoming an adult the scorpions begin the search for another scorpion of the opposite gender. When a male scorpion locates and meets a female scorpion of the same species, the mating process begins. The mating process is done by performing a dance called ‘promenade à deux.’ After the mating is done, the male tends to run away from the female scorpion as she can become a cannibal and attempt to eat him, though it is not common in all the species.

Purpose of Scorpions in the Ecosystem

Scientists have discovered that scorpions have existed on Earth for more than 400 million years. Their ancient history has not yet been proved, but it is believed that they were aquatic beings who have evolved into terrestrial beings.

Scorpion Facts

Long lifespan: Scorpions have some of the longest life spans in all the arthropods. They are known to live for 2-10 years in the wild, and up to 25 years in captivity.

Undergo slow evolution: The scorpions are known to be ancient creatures and they have lived on the Earth for more than 400 million years yet archeologists have found that the structure of scorpions hasn’t changed much. It is believed that the oldest species of the scorpions might have had gills and compound eyes.

Very adaptable: The skill to adapt to different situations is the key to survival and scorpions are the masters of this particular skill. They are capable of surviving a whole year without food. They can also survive in water for 48 hours. Their metabolism is too slow and they only require 1/10 of oxygen as compared to other insects.

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