The Beetle

To understand a beetle infestation, it is important to learn more about the insect in terms of its behavior, appearance, life cycle etc. Let us explore some enticing facts and information about this tiny creature.


Appearance and Behavior

a mountain pine beetle

Mountain Pine Beetle by Scott Tunnock, USDA Forest Service,

There are several different types of beetles and they can be distinguished simply by how they look and behave. Like all other insects, beetles to come in different shapes and sizes which helps us classify each one of them. Few of them may belong as well as slender while others may be round or oval in shape. A couple of these insects also often look similar to spiders.

Beetles are simply characterized by their antennae which are extremely well-developed and their mouths are built in such a way to facilitate the process of chewing. Their front wings are called elytra and are shaped like shells. These wings are extremely hard and can be folded in such a way that they protect the hind wings also. They are also very strong and waterproof which helps as protection of adversities. Despite this, beetles are poor at flying.

A beetles diet usually consists of a scrumptious meal of plants, animal fibers, and other insects. They may be referred to as pests when they harm crops and may even benefit people by simply munching other insects.

Despite their obvious advantages beetles can also cause real trouble. Species like the carpet beetles eat feathers and natural fibers. They are known to harm fabric and other woolen items. Some species even damage hardwood and furniture.

Many species attack food items at home and some of these are the flour and grain beetles.


A variety of different signs can be interpreted as indications of the presence of beetles. These signs vary according to the type of beetles you are dealing with.

When it comes to carpet beetles they are mostly interested in consuming animal products like silk, leather, wool, fur and the like. Due to this, these beetles may happen to infest your carpets, blankets, coats, clothing, and pillows. If you notice that any of these items or such similar items are being frequently damaged at your house, it may act as a sign of beetles.

Looking for such signs that act as an indication of beetles may help recognize an infestation at the early stages itself and will save you a lot of effort.


A lot of things attract beetles but this again will depend on the kind of beetle you are referring to. Some of them are looking for food sources like grains kept in a storage or any food that has been packaged. Others feed on garden plants, fabric or wood. If you’ve recently brought an infested product home unknowingly then you may have risked your house against these pests.

The shelter is a common factor that plays an important role for all pests and is also important to beetles. They try to avoid the cold weather during winters by entering into the warmth of houses. It has been noticed that they enter through cracks or crevices between doors and even windows.


Removing beetles may sometimes prove to be an extremely easy task. While at other times it may be a feat that you can’t perform alone. One easy way to get rid of them is to use a vacuum cleaner and use it at places where you spot them. You can simply use other means of physical removal as well and the method may depend on the type of situation.

To control an infestation or to prevent it, one must inspect food items, wooden items, and other fabrics before allowing them to enter your threshold. Since a lot of beetles are attracted to moisture, you can also try controlling the levels of moisture at your home. If you have already discovered an infestation, you can simply replace the infested products.

Beetles are also drawn to lights so reducing the lights if possible may help or you could simply seal any entryways that may be open to them. Also, sanitation plays a huge part in preventing infestations.

Sometimes the above suggestions don’t work out, mainly, when the infestation has grown too much. In such cases, it is best to contact the local pest control agency and get yourself some professional help. These professionals inspect the surroundings and come up with an apt treatment plan.


Beetles have four stages in their life cycle and they include the stage of an egg, the larval stage, the pupal stage and development into an adult. Also, the length of the entire cycle varies depending on which type of beetle we’re referring to. It may take very little time or may extend up to one whole year. Species such as the wood-boring beetles may take many years to develop completely. This length may depend on the nutrition received by the pests.


Beetles are referred to as Coleoptera in scientific terms. These insects also represent one-fifth of the living organisms. They have invaded almost all kinds of habitats and also have ended up utilizing all sources of food. Their diversity is what has allowed them to be one of the most successful insects.

Beetles are important because they eat other insects and can be really beneficial in that manner. They also act as recyclers as they decompose organic matter.

Beetle Facts

  • There are so many beetles in the world that they can nearly be found everywhere with the exception of only the ocean and the polar caps.
  • Also, adult beetles are great at chewing which is in contrast to other insects who believe in slurping rather than chewing.
  • Fossils of these fascinating creatures were found about two hundred and seventy million years ago.

Beetles are amazing insects with a lot of benefits and are few of the strongest insects. Despite their advantages, they can also prove to be troublesome if their numbers increase by a lot. The best option in such situations is to get hold of professional services.