African Honey Bee

The African Honey Bee

The African honey bee, also known as killer bees, is a hybrid of Western honey bees and European honey bees. These bees are much more aggressive than other species of honeybees and are reported to have killed 1000 humans and some horses and other animals too.


Africanized honey bees do not look physically different from European honey bees, they can only be identified in labs. However, the African honey bees behavior can be much more aggressive and could be murderous. Although more aggressive, these are slightly smaller than other honey bees, and have darker bands on their bodies.

Appearance and Behavior

African Honey Bee

By gailhampshire from Cradley, Malvern, U.K – P1170533 African Honey Bee, CC BY 2.0,

  • Africanized honey bees are golden yellow in color with darker bands of brown.
  • They have four legs and antennae.
  • About ½ an inch in size and oval in shape like the usual bees.
  • They can chase people to over 500m and can sting very dangerously if they get excited or aggressive.

It is due to this violent behavior that they’ve been given the name of “killer bees”. These pests show the same signs as other honey bees- frequent visits and buzzing sounds. In the case of Africanized honey bees, it is advisable to contact a pest control team if you suspect their presence. However, if you want to locate their nest, look for the hive in unusual places such as underground while maintaining your lawn. It can be dangerous to approach the nest yourself.


These pests can make their nests in unlikely places such as trash receptacles and abandoned vehicles, and also in some usual places like hollow trees, cavities in walls, or any hollow place they find suitable. They can most likely enter through open windows or vents or any openings such as the pipes.


  • Boric acid or Borax can be used to get rid of these killer bees. Add a small quantity of borax into a bait and let the pests eat the bait.
  • Insecticides can serve as an instant solution from these pests. But make sure to take proper precautions while spraying. Wear covered clothes and try to stay as far as you can.
  • A mixture of liquid soap and water can also make the bees away. Spray the mixture over their beehive and the pests will go away. You can remove or burn the hive once all the bees are gone.
  • Call a pest control team. This is the best way to get rid of pests, especially in case of these disastrous bees. The professionals would be able to tackle the bees in a much more safe and effective way.
  • Fill all the holes or cavities in your home. This can serve as both a preventive measure and a measure to get rid of a bee nest. Seal all the crevices in your home so bees cannot make their hives inside them.

African Honey Bee Facts

  • The venom of these bees is as strong as the regular bees but they usually attack in groups and sting, again and again, making it dangerous.
  • Killer bees have caused about a thousand deaths.
  • Africanized honeybees produce 5 times less honey than killer bees.
  • They remain agitated until 24 hours after the attack.
  • They can chase you for over half a kilometer. However, running in a straight path can be the best option once they attack you. There would be no use of hiding in the water, since they would wait for you to spear at the surface of the water and keep waiting until you appear!